Welcome to New Vision Learning Center

Alternative Education for Students Grades 6-12

New Vision Learning Center fuses traditional educational paradigms with non-traditional approaches and concepts to customize the education of students whose unique needs are not able to be addressed in the public school system structure. We challenge our students with non-standardized ways of learning and assessment to expose the gems housed within their minds. At New Vision Learning Center, students become facilitators of their own learning.  They will be able to thrive through self-empowerment, achieve at their own pace, and recognize their strengths. All elements of building self-confidence.

Our New Vision

Holistic Approach to Education

Not unlike Hackschooling, our “new vision” is a holistic, alternative educational approach for home-schooled students in middle and high school.

About Deb White

Teacher & VisionKeeper

“Here is where students embrace their unique talents, their sensitivity, their purpose, their vision.. and learn how to apply it to life.”

Our Curriculum

Education with a Heart!

This home school extension incorporates the best educational models with a customized approach for each student’s individual journey.

Does your student learn better when….

  • …their environment is peaceful and calm?
  • …working at their own pace?
  • …given a choice regarding topic and assessment?
  • …working with music, art, or writing?
  • …they are acknowledged for their full potential?
  • …immersed in topics they find interesting?

If you answered yes to any of these, we can help

We Provide Educational Support for Students Grades 6-12

Let’s see if New Vision Learning Center programs are right for you and your student. Many students who do not have a formal learning disability are unable to flourish and excel in the public school setting. NVLC addresses the needs of students who are not technically disabled, but are not able to function well in a traditionally structured system, and would be better served with an alternative approach. If you answer yes to some of these questions, New Vision Learning Center may be right for you!

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