Our Vision:


Our Mission

It is our mission to provide a mindful, holistic and comprehensive educational program as well as tutoring for students whose individual requirements go beyond the scope of mainstream systems for grades 6 through 12. New vision learning center thrives to assist children with recognizing their value and fostering their individual strengths in order to build self esteem and to find their niche in society. And by doing so, they are able to make a positive difference in the world.

About NVLC

The New Vision Learning Center, serving Lee and Collier Counties, fuses traditional educational paradigms with non-traditional approaches and concepts to customize the education of children whose unique needs are not best met in the public school system structure. We challenge our students with non-standardized ways of learning and assessment to expose the gems housed within their minds. Their individual talents and passions will be their vehicle to master skills necessary for their success. We encourage our students to be who they are, freeing them to reach their full potential. They do not have to “fit in a box” here. Not unlike Hackschooling, our “new vision” is an alternative education approach for home-schooled students in middle and high school. This home school extension incorporates the best educational models with customized individualization for each student’s educational journey.

At New Vision Learning Center, students become facilitators of their own learning able to thrive through self-empowerment, achieving at their pace, highlighting their strengths and buildping their confidence.  Students are a priceless resource. Here, not only do the students learn from the teacher through exercises and experience , but the teacher learns from the students’ unique traits, talents and passions. The student’s individualities are used to optimize the best education outcome possible measured through formative and summative assessment. We are a dynamic education model able to adapt to the ever changing needs of our students as a means to forward learning and productivity. The New Vision Learning Center believes in order for a child to nurture a mindful existence, the needs of the whole child must be met. These include academia, emotional, physical and abstract components. Children are jewels found in the mines knowingness.

The New Vision Learning Center is not limited by four walls. It is a place where the arts and sciences blend into a finely balanced scale allowing creative exploration and experiences. Experience is the only thing that cannot be taught. It is a journey of which we travel. The world is the classroom, where Hamlet can be found at the theatre; where ecological literacy and sustainability is not only wildlife preserves, but global forums to design solutions; where a rock is not a rock, it lives; where experience is our teacher and where the teacher asks the questions; where we look up to the possibilities found in the clouds and lie down to listen to the earth breathe; where the thinking mind and the heart brain merge; where aesthetics is art and listening is science, where field trips equal emersion of culture; where meditation is the quieting of the mind and passion is the mission of our Soul; where guests appear and inhibitions disappear; where nourishment is more than food and drink and where yoga is for health; where shadowing is not a technique in art, but a life-skill experience; where the world is a stage in the play of Life where roles reveal purpose and the plot is serenity.

The New Vision Learning Center is where open-mindedness is a portal of possibilities offering Socratic seminars, discussions, debates and questioning techniques which serve as catalysts for enrichment. Where opinions and people share their voice without judgment, and where sensitivities are nurtured. Here is where creativity begins. Here is where talent and opportunities meet real world. Here is where students embrace their-ness …their much-ness their purpose, their vision. Students may remove their shaded glasses of limitations given them through old belief systems with lines and boundaries. The only boundaries here are the lines that protect a mindful existence.